Self Portrait   Watercolor on Gessoed Paper 18" x 24"

Self Portrait

Watercolor on Gessoed Paper
18" x 24"

I am fascinated by perceptions of self image, and subsequently the value placed on the physical form, especially that of women. Recently, I have begun to explore the driving force behind these perceptions.

My art is an abstracted expression of my own personal experiences.  I distort and exaggerate the form to create a personal connection between the painting and the viewer. It is our deepest desires and humanness that I wish to visualize and communicate.  Staying within the intrinsic human form allows me to go beyond my perceived reality, allowing my essence and energy to emerge through each piece.

I have explored many mediums and methods throughout my life. I attended the Flint Institute of Arts in Michigan in the 1970s, and have lived throughout the country in places as varied as Santa Barbara, Michigan and Hawaii.  I now call Southern Oregon home.  Here there is an abundance of talented and skilled artisans, whom I have had the pleasure to learn from and work with.

My continued studies have allowed me to explore a myriad of mediums. Most recently, I have re-explored water-color, attending workshops around the Pacific Northwest and studying with nationally acclaimed artists.

The human form impassions me, and I hope this intoxication is contagious to my viewers.

-Pamela Ourshalimian


(541) 535-5083